Airbrush by hand & UV Tanning


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We use Norvell spray tan products. This process is applied with an airgun. Get that gorgeous tan in 15 minutes. This tan can last up to 10 days depending on how well you prepare your skin before and how well you maintain your skin after.





  • Airbrush by hand preperation:

    • Take a long, hot shower the night before or morning of your sunless tan appointment. Exfoliate well and shave.
    • The day of your appointment – NO lotion, perfume, body spray, makeup or deodorant. These products can affect the result of your tan.
    • Arrive to your appointment with hair pulled up and in loose fitting, dark clothing.
    • Manicures and pedicures should be done before your appointment; and waxing done 1 day before.
  • Immedietly after Sunless Tan

    • NO lotion, perfume, body spray, makeup or deodorant the remainder of the day.
    • Do not shower, cry, get wet or sweat for at least 6 hours unless told other wise. The Norvell solution is water soluble and will rinse from most clothing.
    • Only wash the hands (palms) with hand sanitizer.
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